[New Post] Life Music House Concerts with Angel Austin~ Bringing People To Wholeness Through Music

I met Angel Austin a couple of years ago at the City of Austin Women’s Luncheon. Today, I wanted to introduce the community to her new venture which is both personal and a community driven endeavor. This is our conversation about the LIfe Music House Concerts and bringing people to wholeness through music.

Angel Austin
Angel Austin

Ujima: How did Life Music House Concerts come about?

Angel: I attended a coaching seminar, and the coach asked the question what makes you light up? I thought about whether or not it was my business, or work, but I had started singing again, so I chose singing. He chose me to come up and sing something right then. I minored in classical voice so I sung a song I had not done in a long time. I was immediately asked if I did concerts? When I responded no, it was said you should be doing concerts.

I held my first concert around Thanksgiving last year and I want to do another one this summer. But I realized it takes a lot of preparation. I don’t play any instruments so I have to find the tracks to songs but I hope to learn how to play keyboards so I can play and sing my songs. Singing has awaken me. It is freeing but I do get scared as well. I have found singing in front of an audience is a humbling experience because I hope people except what I have to give.

Ujima: How does your Fight For Life initiative fit into the Life Music House Concerts?

Angel: You know I have the Fight For Life health aspect. I was not sure how to move this idea forward but with my Life Music House Concerts it sparked an idea on how to use the two together. Fight For Life is about healthy living and taking care of yourself. It will become a non-profit through a third party company that will take on the fiscal responsibility of the fundraisers. I want to be able to sing, and have health fairs. The music will be a way to draw people in to learn about how they can be healthy emotionally, physically and mentally. I want to bring people to wholeness through music. It makes me excited and I’m doing the footwork to make it happen. I have to care about myself make good health decisions because as a singer my body is an instrument. I have to have the stamina to sing. So I have to watch what I eat and drink which lends itself to being more healthier.

Ujima: Why home concerts?

Angel: Home is the most intimate place to connect with people. I can sing anywhere, but I like the house concerts because I can meet people where they are. You are able to reach people where they are. This gives the person an option to hear music other than a public venue where they may feel uncomfortable. If there are mobility issues and the person feels comfortable, I can do small concerts and raise money for healthy meals or any other type of needs someone may have, in their home. I want to use my music to help people. Fight for Life and Life Music House concerts are intertwined. I can help people and sing. I can help people raise money and I can reach people as well.  Angel Life Logo IMG_0473
Ujima: What about the mental aspect of your health?

Angel: It is the most important part of healthy living. I have been on my journey of living healthy since I started taking care of myself and living on my own. As a teen-ager I was participating in different diets, doing something to be accepted and wanting to look like someone else. Its not enough , but I realize life has value no matter how you look. We all want to look nice and our society has placed an unrealistic standard of how we all should look. But I ask the question what did I need to do to be healthy for me? Had to get rid of that standard and asked how does it look for me?

Ujima: What was your process? How did you get there for you?

Angel: When I turned 40 years old I accepted where I was. I was born with this body that is not like any other body and I don’t fit the standard. I am okay with who I am. I was exhausted in trying everything to fit in. I had to figure out a way to be happy with the way I look right now. I had to look within. I had to figure out how to be happy now. Spent many years comparing myself to others and trying to figure out why my body was so different. When you are overweight you have to work extra hard and adapt and adjust. I want to live. I want people to see they can’t wait to make a change because it may be too late. My father said to me “Everybody has some type of weight they carry around, but yours just shows up on the outside.” I know there is a purpose for my life and I know God wants me to sing and help others.

I will have a song that will be released on itunes soon that I wrote in February. My constant desire has been to share healthy food and pour myself out in song to people who need me and want the help.

Ujima: You have a food prep on Sundays. Is it a diet plan or you just decided you wanted to eat these certain foods. What is it about?

Angel: I’m weird about food because I get bored easily. I don’t have a food plan I just avoid certain things for myself. It is not a diet plan. My main reason to do the food prep is to encourage people to think about what you are eating and be conscious about what you are eating. When you grab food it is usually not good for you. It is convenient. So to offset the convenience, I have food with me all the time. I prep food for the whole week.  When I have food available to me, I don’t grab donuts or go to McDonalds. I eat a lot of vegetables and I eat them raw.

Food Prep Food IMG_0476

Ujima: Angel, what you are doing for yourself and the community is awesome. Where can our readers learn more about your Life Music House and follow your Food Prep?

Angel: You can find me at on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LifeMusicHouseConcerts to keep up with my music and concerts.

Tumblr as well at http://lifemusichouseconcerts.tumblr.com/post/115499506142/i-know-its-not-sunday-actually-i-should-have

and Instagram


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Ujima will be discussing Angel’s business Austin Mobile Concierge soon. Stay tuned for that conversation.

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  1. Great feature. Loved the words Angel’s father spoke to her, “Everybody has some type of weight they carry around, but yours just shows up on the outside.” Everyone has stuff, and when we realize that, we can spend more time healing ourselves instead of operating as victims.

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