Viewpoint: The Changing of the Guard

This holiday is going to be new and different. We have been moving toward this change in the last two to three years. My mother had stopped cooking years ago and my oldest sister had started taking her place. But this year, the family transition is completely changing. 

I’ve had major changes this year and it’s all difficult, but I know wherever my family lands, they will be with me in spirit. The guard is changing and I have to change as well.

One thought on “Viewpoint: The Changing of the Guard

  1. I truly understand. Since my mom passed, holidays are not been the same. We have tried to come together, but it will never be the same. Nor do we expect it to. Yes, there is a changing of the guards. What I’ve learned is transitioning can be difficult, however we learn more about ourselves and others. Thanks for sharing – S. Hosey


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