What You See is Not What You Get

By Tiffany L. Burleson-Predom What you see is not what you get…  From as early as I can remember I was labeled as Self-Confident, Bold, Smart, Strong.  I faintly recall my adolescent mind wondering, “What does that mean?”  But, since I never asked anyone I never gained a true understanding of my character-descriptors until well into my adulthood (not sure if this is necessary).   I … Continue reading What You See is Not What You Get

Damita’s Podcast Recommendations

I’m a lover of podcasts. I like learning things and listening to people who have passions that are similar or different from mine. I enjoy conversations about productivity, organization, culture, and murder mysteries. I want to give you a few recommendations of what I’m listening to right now. Catenya McHenry- F**k Fear NBC News-SouthLake Erika Monique- Natural Soul Conversations Luvvie Ajayi Jones-Professional Troublemaker TV Podcast-Court … Continue reading Damita’s Podcast Recommendations

National Bullying Month

Bullying is something that follows you into adulthood. No one talks about that. I personally know the effects of being bullied at a young age. It has framed who I am and how I go about dealing with people in my life. Check out this great article written by MentalHelp.net. Has bullying affected your life? If so, share your experience of how being bullied effects … Continue reading National Bullying Month

G3 1st Annual Cancer Kickball Game and Toy Fundraiser

Mohandas Jones is the founder of G3 a Community Organization. For more information, you can visit http://www.g3trinity.com. If you are interested in supporting this fundraiser, please reach out through the website. #g3, #mohandasjones, #kickball, #toyfundraiser, #homelesschildren, #ujimamagazine, #ujimaatx, #austintexas #digitalmagazine, #communitymagazine, #givingback Continue reading G3 1st Annual Cancer Kickball Game and Toy Fundraiser