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As I strive to build my business, I find my journey of three years to be an exercise in learning, failing and starting over again. But its been alright because each time I fail, I take what I have learned and applied the lesson to make it better.

Have I thought about giving up? Have I cried late at night, wondering how to make my magazine successful? Sure I have, but the failure gave me the fuel to push more and push harder.

I have seen my business make some significant turns in the last four months.  I have a Operations Manager that is growing the magazine financially and helps me to see the bigger vision and goals.  I am learning to look pass just today. Seeing the growth has shown me I can do this and my magazine will be successful.

During a meetings this week,  my Operations Director gave me a article she found. Once I read it,  I felt  the tips were a good guide   to help me continue to build my business. The article is entitled “5 Things You Must Do Every Day to Build Your Business”, by Joshua Black. The five tips I should be doing each day is :

1. Plan for the future a few minutes each day

2. Work on my marketing in some aspect each day to get more ad sales

3. Work on closing a sale each day

4. Strengthen my business network

5. Contact my current customers

To read the full article please go to Joshua_Black

I hope these tips will give you a push and I hope you continue to build your business day by day. If you love what you are doing, in my opinion, it will all work out. Learn, grow and build. Never give up!

What are your thoughts about the tips? Do you plan to try at least one and if so which one?

Embrace Your Community

Damita Miller-Shanklin

Publisher of Ujima Magazine

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