The Power of Spring

Jacquie Ooh Johnson, Contributing Writer The Power of Spring There is power in the spring. When I think of the spring, I think of new beginnings in nature and in my own personal life. I think of new opportunities sprouting up and blooming. Spring is also a great reminder that there’s always time to start fresh. During the dark winter months, it can feel like … Continue reading The Power of Spring


Active Living by Mary Linnen For some of us getting out of bed in the morning is a daily battle, as we struggle to shake out of our deep sleep, shrug off feeling tired and force ourselves to recover from a bad night’s sleep.  Did you know that it’s important to take measures to make the most of these early hours and seize the day … Continue reading EASY MORNING WAKE UP TIPS !!

You Can’t Stop Me! Capital City Black Film Festival 2021

“You Can’t Stop Me!” is a documentary about three African American males who encountered racial injustice during various stages of their lives. Dr. Dwight Watson tells how rough life was for him growing up in Arkansas. He talks about how there were not many places in the neighborhood for blacks to gather so they found or made places they could gather in a safe manner. … Continue reading You Can’t Stop Me! Capital City Black Film Festival 2021