Nelson Linder: For Justice For All

Nelson Linder, President of the NAACP
Nelson Linder, President of the NAACP

Nelson Linder, President of the NAACP is Ujima Magazine’s feature story.  Mr. Linder has been a advocate and peacemaker in our community for many years. Read about his work with the NAACP and how he impacts our community through advocacy in the area of employment, education, police brutality and more.

Dr. Richard Chervitz, a professor with the University of Texas, at Austin, heads a dynamic program called the Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium. This program is designed to assist students who may be thinking of attending graduate school, but are just now sure. Students who participate in this consortium are matched with mentors which open the doors to what it is like to attend graduate school and find their personal passion.  You will just have to read the article to get the passion and motivation this program gives a student.

There is so much more to read so go to :
Ujima Magazine

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