Ujima Magazine: Sites, Sounds and Taste of San Francisco

When I arrived in San Francisco the change was instantly apparent. I got off the plane and the cool brisk air touched my skin. It felt fresh and crisp. Today however was was not met with fog as we are usually. It was a nice change feeling somewhat like Austin. But no, I am in San Francisco “open your golden gates” which is what I always sing.

The first thing I do when I arrive is get something to eat. We have rituals and today the ladies decided to head to The Elephant Room. I have eaten there before and knew their food was delish. So that is where we had lunch. I decided to have a Cosmo. A friend recently introduced the Cosmo and I have been drinking, I mean, sipping them ever since.


Boy, doesn’t that look good? It was yummy… But enough about the drink. I discovered something very tasty at the Elephant Room to eat. The Parmesan Crusted Green Beans. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I hadn’t and boy did I dig in.


Oh My God! They were so good. They came with a sweet Chili Sauce to die for. So as you can image my first day in San Francisco was fabulous. This is only my first day. As I explore more of San Francisco I will share sights, sounds and taste of the big city of San Francisco.

Damita Miller­Shanklin is the Founder and Publisher of Ujima Magazine and the host of Ujima TV. Visit Ujima Magazine at http://www.ujimamagazine.com.

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