Chante Jefferson Signing Day- (UST)
Chante Jefferson Signing Day- (UST)


Ujima Magazine is so proud of all the high school graduates of 2013.  This is the beginning of a new way of life.   Ujima was fortunate enough to catch up with Chante’ T. Jefferson, a graduating senior from Cedar Park High School.  This senior has quite a few reasons to be excited about her final days as a high school “Basketball Player”.  


UM:  Graduation must be an awesome feeling, what word of wisdom would you give a freshman entering into high school?

CJ:    My advice to incoming freshman would be to get involved.  Joining academic teams, athletic teams, and clubs helps you make new friends and it looks good on college applications.  Further more make the best possible grades every year because it can be hard to recover your GPA.  Lastly, have fun these four years go by so fast.

UM:  Looking ahead to your choice of school for College what are you most looking forward to?

CJ:    I’m looking forward to making new friends at UST.  Also I’m excited to be able to play at the collegiate level since a small percentage of girls get to do this.

UM:   Is there anyone you would like to give special mention to?  Shout Out Time!

CJ:    I would like to give a shout out to my parents.  They have supported me throughout this stressful process of being recruited.  In addition I have to mention my sister, for her continuous encouragement.  Also, Sean Hardeman my basketball trainer, for believing in my abilities when other people didn’t.


Chante, Ujima  knows you have a bright future ahead of you getting your education and playing basketball at University of St. Thomas, in HoustonTx.



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