Are You Ready To Engage! Encourage! and Empower! Yourself?

By Damita Miller-Shanklin


There is a new conference coming to Austin and Jennifer Guidry, Founder, wants you to join her as she helps you to renew, restore and revive yourself. We spoke over the phone about this great event.

Revive Conference
Jennifer Guidry, Founder of Revive

J.Renee ministries started in 2007. The founder, Jennifer Guidry, received a vision from God but she struggled working within the vision. The vision was clear that she had to become vocal in the movement of bringing all women together.  In 2012Guidry began laying the groundwork for how the vision would progress. Taking the leap of faith, Guidry began looking at how she could make an impact on the community and address the needs of women, especially spiritual women.


Guidry wants J.Renee ministries to assist women in finding their place in the world. “It is about engagement and encouragement of women across the board,” stated Guidry. “We want women to find their place through principles that will assist them not only in the church but their professional life, home life and family life.” Guidry has grown her ministry by being apart of the community. She has had the opportunity to mentor young women, speak at collegesand middle schools. She has worked with the Christian Ministry at Huston-Tillotson University as well. Guidry wants “women to walk in the path of their fullness of whom God created them to be.”


In a society where women are putting each other down or not uplifting one another, Guidry wants to create a positive space for women to come together and support one another and be encouraging to each another with some accountabilityThe Revive conference provides the opportunity to lift her voice for positive influence. The tag line for the Revive conference is Engage! Encourage! Empower! This ministry is a personal one for Guidry. It is not affiliated with her church. It is just a personal calling but she works with Full Life Christian Church in Dallas where her family has their membership and she also works with her father’s church Damascus Road in Cedar Park. The things that Guidry wants others to understand is volunteering with organizations outside of the church is what her vision laid before her. She wants to connect with people outside of the church because that is where the work is done. “J.Renee ministry is not about what your membership certificate says but more importantly it’s about people coming together and making a difference because the church is the people,” stated Guidry.

Revive Conference

Revive is the first major conference and the first major event for the ministry. Because of all the blessings that have opened up for J. Renee Ministries the hope is this conference will be an annual Austin event. Guidry decided to do the conference because many people travel to different cities such as Houston and Dallas but she felt that Austin needed one for our community. Revive will feature GooGoo Atkins, of the Mary Mary Family as the Hostess/Emcee, Natori Blue Smith, Gospel Artist, Prophetess Dr. Taketa Williams, featured Guest Speaker and Jennifer Guidry, Founder and Executive Director. You don’t want to miss this time to Revive yourself!


The conference will be held on:


Saturday, July 20, 2013




Westin Austin Domain Hotel


You can purchase your tickets at




There will vendors and a gourmet breakfast as well.


“This is a real movement.  A movement of revival and cohesiveness for women. God is doing major changes amongst women. Be part of the movement with us. We want to change lives of women throughout Central Texas, “stated Guidry.



Damita Miller-Shanklin is the founder and publisher of Ujima Magazine and Host of Ujima TV.

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