New Book Post: “She’s Got Game” by Rose Chase Smith

Author Rose Chase Smith
Author Rose Chase Smith

Publisher’s Note: This is the continuation of the story on Page 9 of Ujima Magazine

After reading Mr. Harvey’s book years ago, I jokingly told my family and friends that I was going to write the answer to his book.  And, the reason was simple.  He didn’t tell me anything that I didn’t already know, and I was sure I wasn’t alone.  Now, for the most part we have the same views on a lot of what our books cover.  But, I am speaking for an elite group.  Game changers – if you will.  After all, there had to be a reason for men to come up with a play book in the first place.  I can’t wait to discuss this with Mr. Harvey!  Yes, I’m speaking our meeting into existence.

In writing this book, did you pull from your own experiences or girlfriends?

In order to write a book like this, I would have to draw from some of my own experiences.  But, I also used the experiences of my girlfriends and male friends.  I just wanted to keep it real.  So, I did.  I have never had a problem speaking my mind, and my book is no exception.

What is the two things you hope people will get from reading your book?

First, I want men to realize that some women not only think like them, but often think ahead of them, making their next move predictable.  So, if we know what they’re thinking, why do we pretend to get blind sided?  Next, I want women to realize you will get exactly what you are willing to settle for.  And, I hope it encourages everyone who reads it to be more careful with their “team” selections.  Dating and marriage can be a beautiful thing.

What is next for you? Should our readers expect a new book? If so, what is the subject matter?

I am currently working on two other novels.  And, I would like to surprise my readers with the subject matter.  So, stay tuned!  I am also working on a series of Mini-Books that feature my quotes, which my friends have labeled as “ROSEISMS,” because they say I have a way with words.  Some of the quotes have been featured on Twitter and Facebook by SheQuotes.  SheQuotes showcases historical and contemporary quotes by famous, infamous and ordinary women worldwide.  ROSEISMS have also played a huge part in having me recently added to the “TOP LIFE COACHES LIST” on Twitter in July of this year.

Where can I readers pick up a copy of She Got Game?

Readers can get their copy of “She’s Got Game” on for their Kindles, IPads and iPhones.  Physical copies can be ordered online at  You can also keep up with Author Rose Chase Smith, her work, upcoming appearances and events at  Your support is appreciated!  Continued blessings…

Rose Chase Smith will be a guest on Ujima TV soon.


Have you read the book? If so, please leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.


Damita Miller-Shanklin is the Publisher of Ujima Magazine and the Host of Ujima TV.

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