Essence Of A Black Man

The word education means to bring out.  It comes from the Latin educere, which means to bring out.  What is that we wish to bring out?  It is our divine essence.  Education means to bring out what is within us.  And what is within us is spirit.  What is within us is divinity.  Black men in America have been conditioned to believe they are other than divine.

Kai Dupe
Kai Dupe

I am not speaking of religion here.  I am speaking of universal principles that we need to master as black men to manifest the life we wish to create.  We are creators.  There are many examples of people who have attended church their entire lives but who know very little of the spiritual practices beyond prayer that are available to them that can transform your lives.

Imagine what you can accomplish if you played within the rules.  You should also be excited to learn that there is nothing difficult about this.  You don’t need a degree or money to be able to access this power that is your birthright.  You simply have not been informed… until now.  It is your birthright to have access to the creator and to live in harmony with the laws of the universe.  Once you start to live your life in harmony with spiritual law your life will improve.
Think about this and share it with someone close to you.

Kai Ajala Dupé is a doctoral student at Pepperdine University where he is researching on Why African American Males Are Underrepresented in Computing.  He wrote this article for and can be reached at or at

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