Christine Chen, Filmmaker, YWCA 2014 Women of the Year Award

christine filming

Christine Chen is a filmmaker and her company is Moth To Flame, LLC.
Her main message to women has been to stay strong and pursue things that you love and believe in. As a filmmaker, she strives to create film content that shows women in strong leading roles. She has worked with organizations such as Girl Scouts to help empower young girls through film.

Chen is an Asian American female who strives to challenge the social expectations and stereotypes for women. “It is difficult to always feel like you need to acclimate to society.” stated Chen. When you grow up following certain stereotypes you almost feel you have too follow those traditions. However Chen does feel it is a generational thing. The younger generation is more open to change. Chen explains to her parents that that things are different from the way they were raised, but it doesn’t mean it is wrong.

Her work with the Girl Scouts focused on film. Chen was able to look at how media effects young minds and people in general. “I assisted with a campaign that helped to inspire leadership and what they could do in their classroom to build skills by taking charge, leading and helping in community.”stated Chen.

Chen’s company, Moth To Flame, develops content that is created for women. The content gives women the inspiration to pursue their dream. She loves posting her work to her YouTube channel. Her documentaries also empower women. She just returned from a film shoot in Shreveport Louisiana.

Part of Chen’s work is to encourage women to pursue their passion. She feels as you pursue your passion be transparent about what you do. Align with other organizations that share your mission or your passion. Friends ask for tips pertaining to them pursuing their passion she feels if you allow people to know your journey it will help them.

Chen is excited to be one of the honorees of the 2014 Women of the Year Award. She likes knowing you can pursue your passion and encourage others. The hope is other women and young girls will find the encouragement in the same thing. The award gives her the acknowledgement that she’s doing something right. Because when you pursue your passion you are more than often navigating blind, but the award signifies she’s on the right path.
“Often times people think you have a bank of answers somewhere but honestly you do it and figure it out.” stated Chen. This award also affirms for Chen that she’s ok, people get it and people care.

In closing, Chen stated she is a big supporter of finding your passion. It does not have to be a career, but just a small goal. She believes in taking the initiative, believe in something, and take a chance. The worse case scenario is you may have to go back to a job or become more frugal. I hope more people will follow their dream.

For more information about Christine’s work go to her Youtube channel at and her website at

Ujima congratulates Christine Chen on her award.

If you would like to attend the event, it will be on
June 20th from 6:30pm-11:00pm
The W Hotel at 200 Lavaca
Get tickets at

Damita Miller-Shanklin


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