Ruby Fisher, Ann Richards School, YWCA 2014 Women of the Year Award

Ruby Fisher Ann Richards School
Ruby Fisher
Ann Richards School


Ruby Fisher is the youngest recipient of the Women of Year Award. She will receive a scholarship. She just graduated from the Ann Richards School Class of 2014. Fisher is known for being a shoulder to lean on, a beacon of wisdom and a crutch for support. These characteristics are used for by her peers as well as her sister. Fisher was apart of the graduating “pioneer” class being the second class to graduate and the class to survive the curriculum from 6th grade to 12th.

Fisher feels she is a strong women and all women should always be strong. She advocates for single sex schools. She is a role model for her younger sister at school by being a good example, a strong person without being scared and changing stereotypes. Fisher broke ground at the Ann Richards School by organizing the campus Gay-Straight Alliance. Ms. Ashley Robinson, Scholarship Coordinator at ARS, was most impressed with Fisher’s conviction of teaching younger girls the importance of health and personal responsibility. She also held leadership positions while attending ARS which included Youth and Government, PTSA, and Girl Scouts. Her favorite passion while attending school was helping the ARS Roller Derby coach, Roger Soden, recruit, train and compete.

Her future goals, are biology and Pre-med. She plans to join the organization Doctors Without Boarders. She will be leaving for California in August to attend Mills College a predominately women’s college. “I have been dreaming about attending Mills since I was 15 years old.” She is very excited and nervous but has her families full support.

As she moves to her next phase in life, Fisher will continue to empower people because that was what she was raised to do. Her community work will continue when she gets to the West coast. Fisher has roots in California. “My stepmother works with the AIDS community their and I will be a big part of that movement.”stated Fisher. She hopes to work with the Hilary Clinton campaign as well.

Fisher’s family was part of the October 31st flood in South Austin. She stated they are doing well and recovering.

Receiving the 2014 Women of the Year Award for Fisher is very exciting. “I did not expect to get recognize for my work. It is a nice feeling.”

Ujima congratulates Ruby Fisher on her award. We wish her well.

Damita Miller-Shanklin

Ujima Magazine

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