New Author: Gay Polk-Payton

Gay Poke-Payton Author
Gay Poke-Payton

Meet Gay Polk-Payton.  The title of her book is I’m not passing judgement, I’m just saying… This has been a Public Service Announcement. Polk-Payton is one of the latest authors signed with Teardrops Publishing, LLC.
The book is a collection of her thoughts. It is kind of where “mother wit” meets her law degree. Polk-Payton talks about 7 facets of life from her perspective and her book is therefore, divided into 7 sections: General, Relationships, For Men, For Women, Fitness, Single Parenting and Religion. She has a blog on her YouTube channel that describes the content in a little more detail.

Polk-Payton will be featured in the upcoming issue of Ujima Magazine. You will be able to read the full interview soon. Check out her book and let us know what you think. You can find out more about Ms. Poke-Payton on twitter and Instagram, I am @judgecutie.

My email address is:  Additional purchasing options are available at:

Ujima congratulates Polk-Payton on her first book!


Damita Miller-Shanklin

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