Father and Son Cookout July 19th!

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Isaac Rowe is a devoted Father and Husband. Ujima Magazine sat down with him to discuss the importance of relationship between a Father and Son. Isaac also discussed with Ujima a very powerful event that will be taking place on July 19. Please check out our interview with the man that’s building a better community one Father and Son at a time.

Ujima: Please tell our readers a little more about “The CookOut”

Isaac: We all know men like good food and their food grilled on the open fire or smoked. We all know that men like to be outside in the great outdoors and do “MAN” things. And sometimes we men even like to hangout, have fun and talk with other men. We got you covered! Here’s your chance to do all that!

Ujima: Is this the first year for this event?

Isaac:  Yes! This is our first year of the Father & Son Cookout
Ujima: What sparked your interest in beginning such an event as this?

Isaac: I wanted to see men together in unity on one accord without any drama or discord amongst brethren. A positive filled environment of men, young men, fathers and sons just hanging out enjoying one another’s company.. As men we get so busy with our lives that we forget how to have fun just with the brothers and quality time with our sons. We wanted to create an atmosphere where we can let our hair down what’s left of it and be US.
Ujima: What is your ultimate purpose or goal for such event?

Isaac:  To connect with other men and build relationships with one another.. Exclusively have the fathers spend time with their sons and with other like minded men. To be in the city for the city and let them know that The Man In Me is here to serve. My prayer is that as the men look around they see peace, life, our role as men, our purpose and that we matter on earth despite what the critics say about us. We will rise as a brotherhood of Male-Men. We are and will deliver!

Ujima: Will this be an annual event or will you be doing more events of this nature?

Isaac: Yes! We hope to make this an annual event each year. We are also planning other type’s events as well in the near future.

Ujima: Do you have a website?

Isaac: Yes, it’s www.themaninme.org

Ujima Magazine thanks Isaac Rowe for the interview. Be encouraged Isaac. Your building up our community with substance and positivity. Iron sharpens iron.


See Flyer on our FB page for more information about the event.

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Shametra McGregor
Community and Events Writer

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