New Author: Tyffany Howard

Tyffany Howard, Author
Tyffany Howard, Author

Tyffany Howard is a new author. The title of her book is “tap that!” Ujima spoke with Howard to find out more about her book and her inspiration.

Howard is a Lawyer, a Reiki Master, Tapping enthuisiast, and a Life coach. “Internally I am light, a spiritual being living out experiences.” stated Howard.

The idea for the book came about because Howard is sensitive about the energy around her and other people. She is also very compassionate,   Howard saw people around her that had pain and suffering in their eyes and body, she wanted to give back. Howard learned to use a tool during a very hard period of her life . The tool helped her get back to herself by helping her find who she really was. This tool is called Tapping a step to emotional freedom. It helps you to get centered. She realized she needed to share this experience with other people. She thought how could she allow others to suffer when she had something to alleviate their pain. Tapping is an energy healing tool. It is where East meets West an ancient acupressure using your fingertips. It works by using energy centers called endpoints, the life force energy. You start by speaking the truth about what you are worrying about; the pain you are feeling. Taps send a signal to the brain removing the negative energy allowing the body to calm itself.

Howard shares the tapping points as defined by the founder Gary Craig. Each point connects to a meridian in the body.

1.Karate chop

2. Eyebrow

3. Side of Eye

4. Chin

5. Under the Nose

6. Collar Bone

7. Under the Arm

8. Top of the Head


Tyffany bookcover 2 475608_FLYER_BSK_L3


Once you finish the round of tapping, breathe and drink water before measuring the intensity of the pain or what was bothering you. Then journal or document your experience as to how you feel.

Howard stated, “suffering is optional.” She wrote her book for the Black perspective. “Tools will help with our trauma. We have a collective trauma from our ancestors. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has shown it helps with PTSD, Genocide, our relationship trauma, and family pain and stress,

As a culture and the history we have come through, tapping can help you find your center and move ahead, despite the pain or negativity.

Howard hopes people who read the book will understand tapping is a way to uplift, inspire and motivate. All human life is great! We are all divine, a spirit. Tapping, reminds people of who they are. Tapping allows a person to stop and find their center and listen to their thoughts and pain. After hitting all the endpoints you will feel better and find stability in any situation. “Love is teaching. Don’t block your own blessings”

We are behind. As a culture we know we can sing, dance, play sports, but where are our leaders teaching us , especially the African American Diaspora, to live and heal spirit our mind and body? Howard believes “what our bodies need to lead a healthy lifestyle.” We need to be taught our minds create our reality, we don’t have to suffer, it is an option. We are great we don’t have to be in bondage, It is critical because we are becoming extinct everyday. We need people saying here is a different way and option because we have fallen behind. A dream deferred. It is sad to see our people in so much pain.get our stuff together. Days of handouts are gone.

To purchase Howards book or find out more about her upcoming events and, visit her sites at, Twitter-tyffanyhoward, and Facebook/Tyffanyhoward.


Damita Miller-Shanklin

Ujima Magazine





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