Maria Gatling
Maria Gatling

Your Big Creative Notebook

October 16th from 12pm-2pm

We are excited to host author/artist Maria Gatling and her fabulous hands-on workshop to anyone interested in developing their own creative skills. To “be inspired,” you have to “get inspired” … and to get inspired, you have to make it a point to do something that will lead you in that direction.  Your Big Creative Notebook is your home for a mix of your creative expressions.

In this workshop, you will: 

  • Have fun with your journal, expressing yourself with a variety of mediums.
  • Create your journal pages with things that inspire you using words, doodles, images, and color.
  • Learn to find ideas and inspiration all around you.
  • Learn to develop your ideas.
  • Learn to discover your own self – who you are, what your dreams are, what excites you, what you are grateful for and more.

For detail information and registration visit: Big Creative Notebook Registration.

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Ujima Magazine Staff