Publisher’s Note

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Where has the year gone? We are in November with the holidays right around the corner. The cooler weather is also bringing in the holiday feel as well. With the coming holiday season comes the talk about the new year. I’m not there quite yet, but I hear a lot of talk and chatter about family gatherings, food, goals for new year and more.

Our feature story for the month will be  Mikaila Ulmer, owner of BeeSweet Lemonade. She is a young entrepreneur that is making a name for herself as she educates the community about the importance of bees and her tasty lemonade that is being sold around Austin, Texas and beyond. Her story coming soon. Look for the community stories, health and our food stories.

Mikaila Ulmer BeeSweet Lemonade
Mikaila Ulmer
BeeSweet Lemonade

We invite you to connect with us on our Facebook page (Ujima Magazine) and follow us on Twitter (UjimaMagazine). Ujima will be celebrating the holidays with you, so please look for our informative and resourceful stories for the holidays.

Thanks to our contributing writers who will be sharing some stories with you the reader as well. Please visit our website and click the follow button. You will then receive all updated stories to keep you well informed.

I hope you enjoy the cooler weather and that it brings you closer to the holiday spirit. We look forward to seeing at

Embrace Your Community

Damita Miller-Shanklin, Publisher

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