[New Post] Capital City Comedy Club presents Mike E Winfield. He’s Baaaaack!!

Winfield IMG_9692Look up in the sky it’s a fro. It’s Mike E Winfield. Don’t cha know! In 2013 Mike E Winfield tuned in to our funny bones at the Capital City Comedy Club. Well guess what? He’s baaaaack from February 4 through February 7.
Ujima Magazine had the honor to chat with the comedian known at Mike E Winfield.

Ujima– How’s it going Mike E.?

Mike E. – I’m doing amazing. Setting up for my biggest year to date. Bringing positive energy into a lot of people’s lives. Hope you’re well.

Ujima– I’m well. So what’s going on with you these days?

Mike E. – A lot of comedy. Just completed a series on LOGO network called Straight Out Report. I’m preparing to release my first comedy DVD this year, and a CD as well. Everyone’s asking why it took me so long to create a product of such. I’m a believer of allowing art and skill to nourish itself until I feel that it’s ready. I could have recorded a CD five years ago, but I wanted to be proud of it, and I know where I stand today that I will. The worse is when you do a joke and someone posts it on Facebook or youtube, and you’re like, “I wasn’t done with that yet.”

Ujima– Any television appearances?

Mike E. – There’s a lot going on. I’ve been approved for my next set on The Late Show w/ David Letterman, and I’m just waiting to be scheduled a date. You can catch me soon on an episode of Comic’s Unleashed and an episode of a show on MTV w/ Deray Davis.

Ujima- What do you want people to know about you?

Mike E. – Once you see my live performance, you’ll understand that no comedian has ever had a style like mine or done what I am doing on stage. I’ve never tried to be different, it’s just clearly a case of me being exactly who I am. I thought I WAS like other comedians until audience members would come to me after shows, and say, “Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s special.” I want people to know that I care about the art, and when you love something, you don’t disrespect it. People never know how long you’ve been grinding, and I’ve been writing jokes and performing for over 10 years. The journey and the relationships you make along the way is what you will remember down the line.

Ujima– What are some of the feelings people have after watching your show?

Mike E. – They always say, “Do you live with us?”

Ujima – Lol. Is that right? What do you like about Austin?

Mike E. – What I like about Austin is the town has a vibe for creativity. What I noticed about the comedy scene, is the audiences are not there just to laugh, they see a lot of artistic people so they can recognize and decipher true talent. If you think comedy is merely about laughing, you’re mistaken. Comedy opens eyes and brings awareness, and you get to laugh while you’re doing so. I’ll perform most anywhere, but when you know you’ve been appreciated for the work you’ve put in. Priceless.

Ujima– What inspired you to be a comedian?

Mike E. – A lot of years ago, I saw a VHS tape of something called Eddie Murphy Raw. It was wild. I saw this guy in all purple saying a lot bad words in front of people, and they were loving him. He was talking about people I knew like Michael Jackson, and Mr. T., and it was funny even though most of it, I was too young to understand. I never forgot that. Later in life, I graduated and got my BA degree in English. I wasn’t entirely interested in teaching, and I had already done some comedy open mics. I had my first kid, and I knew I needed money but I just wanted to do what I wanted to do. I was like, ‘People are getting paid to tell jokes? I think I’m funny. I’m doing that.’ Simply stated, my mom told me I could do anything if I worked hard at it. Why not this? I had a bunch of punk ass jobs during the course of strengthening my craft, but only professional that I’ve been in love with was entertaining. I don’t think I answered that question, but I seldom do.

Ujima: What is your most memorable moment in your career?

Mike E – My most memorable moment of comedy is when I quit my day job at the grocery store. A lot of people hate their job, but not many get to quit. There were co workers impeding on my success, there were some supportive ones too, but I’m not talking about them right now. They hated me, they would read my social networking page to find out when I was performing so they could schedule me to work on those nights, then I would have to call in sick knowing we both knew I was lying. Even when I was able to finally leave that place, it haunted me for a long time, because I always thought If comedy didn’t work out, I would have to go back.

Ujima thanks Mike E Winfield for the interview. Don’t forget to get your tickets early to go and check him out.
For tickets to the show : https://cap-city-comedy-club.seatengine.com/venues/cap-city-comedy-club
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Shametra McGregor

Ujima Entertainment Writer

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