[New Post] A New Design In Gift Giving~Pillocks Pillows

Ethel Scott and her company Pillocks Pillows are diligently at work preparing for their Kickstarter launch. Ujima wanted to assist by sharing and making people aware of the project.

Mom & Pillows

Pillocks Pillows is a small entity created in 2006, opening its doors for business in 2014, however it started out with the name Pillow Talk etc., and eventually changing the name as the design improved. Pillocks Pillows was started all because as a mother and a seamstress my son was getting married, and I had no more money to spare for a gift. Through prayer and faith I was blessed with the vision of the pillocks pillow in my sleep. I awaked and jotted down the information that was so clear in my head and returned back to bed. Upon waking up the next morning I was excited about the vision, and wanted to construct what I had seen. I gathered the information and began sewing, it was exactly how I envisioned it in my dream, the very first 18 X 18 satin pillow with white lace and lined with a cotton insert backed by poly fillers and other confidential materials. I was astonished at the outcome, which led me to the thought of inserting gifts into its opening and eventually adding the mini pad lock that added that special touch of secrecy. This was the very first prototype of the lockable gift Pillow, branding it with the name Pillocks Pillow according to its design. Wine Pillow IMG_20131216_215759

Everyone strives to obtain the perfect gift that is heartfelt and personal. Introducing the new Pillocks Pillow, the word Pillocks was created from the combination of a designer Pillow that can be loaded with items and locked with a mini pad lock, which is hidden conspicuously in its own housing, which formulated the birth of the Pillocks Pillow. It can be designed to fit any occasion (birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, Wedding, Christmas, Personal use, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines, Veterans) etc. Whatever the occasion, a Pillocks Pillow can be designed to fit. The designs are unlimited because they can range from personal to traditional and the results are a lifetime memory. Pillocks Pillows can be used over and over as a secret mini safe that can be placed openly as a decorator.

Picnic Pillow IMG_20131020_163403

Kickstarter Link:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1640926989/251156921?token=3f046ced   

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