This poem was written by Theodore Mosley, December 19, 2014

Black Power cab98b316e49b8339ecc3621ecebf61f_400x400

My days are enthroned with deceit of another man’s life crying for me.

Captured by the stand of realism, I summons the arrow of justice to come fight with me.

Searching for creation, my hands are without democracy that infiltrated me.

Prolonging the saturation of my life, obstructions of steel bars carried me to infancy.

Portrayed as uneducated, the night uncovers their meaning of hypocrisy from above.

Intentions of building a blood stain wall of black hierarchy, the Black Panthers were viewed.

With any means necessary, the cry was made, come fight with me in solidarity.

Say it loud, “I’m black and I’m proud”, the voices of “Roots” echoed the community of slavery.

Forsaken in color, battered in the mind, ripped in the nights, we subdued tolerance of the land.

Young, gifted and black, my eyes selected the chair of democracy on the Supreme Court.

Endless dreams of wings on the mountain, I captured the seat of surgery with skilled hands.

My name is voided within the history of your state but my mind has your state in our history.

I see the wages of destruction you beheld, but now my wages are beheld in your destruction.

Come fight with me and we will abound with each tear, we will escape with every stripe of flesh.

Resounding echoes of desecration cultivated my lips with unsurmountable fields of dreams.

Refreshed in the name of afflictions, we moralized freedom with our darkness never to be heard.

Condemned in the womb but resurrected on life’s stage, the onyx of interpretation was our rebirth.

Apartheid lied to the nations, battle grounds were created, come fight with me.

Truth gathered the forefront of life and the winds of humanity secluded the forest of cancer.

The path of our destruction was met with syringes of fires and Selma crusaded beyond yesterday.

Tonight we cry for tomorrow we die and time will have notes of songs in the blood of our eyes.

History told us we were destined for cotton fields and tobacco roads for our solar eclipse.

Black lives matter as we lifted the corners of their mind of architectural studies at Morehouse College.

Black lives matter as Richard Theodore Greener graduated from Harvard College/University.

Black lives matter as Matilda Sissieretta Joyner Jones sang at Carnegie Hall.

Black lives matter as we watched Barack Obama ascend to the highest seat in the land.

Come fight with me because fighting against me, we destroy our dreams of African American History.


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Posted by Damita Miller-Shanklin


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