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“U” is for Feeling Unloved

Photo: Davion Only Photo: Davion Only

I usually don’t’ watch the news because it is so depressing and negative. I rely on my phone notifications or snippets I get as I browse Facebook or other news outlets I’m connected to. But today, I watched a heartfelt story on CBS news.

This story captivated my heart. This young man wanted a family. He had been in foster care for a while. I cannot image feeling like no one wants me or that no one loves me. This young man wanted a family. He was not afraid to ask for someone to adopt him either. His name is Davion Only. His caseworker had placed him once, but it didn’t work out and it changed this young man. All he wanted was a family and someone to love him. After all was said and done, his caseworker adopted him.

I worked…

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