An Interview with Artist Chrisford Chayera

My name is Olushola Anyi, I am from the United States (Austin, Texas). I enjoy writing about interesting individuals, so today I has the pleasure of interviewing Chrisford Chayera who is from Lilongwe,Malawi. I haven’t physically met Chrisford in person but as I was browsing for a location for some of my products I ran across some of his artwork and I was just so fascinated that a person with his disability could accomplish this task so I researched until I found him on Facebook and we began communicating and he was so nice enough to agree to interview with me.

Artist: Chrisford Chayera
Artist: Chrisford Chayera

Olushola: State your full name
Chrisford: Chrisford Chayera
Olushola: Your age
Chrisford: Now I am 43
Olushola: What is your marital status?
Chrisford: Married with four children, 2 girls and 2 boys
Olusholai: What does your wife do?
Chrisford: Her name is Martha. She does nothing right now but she is my care provider and takes care of all my daily needs. She is a strong woman of God. I love her so much.
Olushola : Lucky woman, for God says a man who findeth a wife findeth a good thing and favor from the Lord.
Chrisford: Indeed that’s the Word of God. No, it’s because I don’t have enough capital to give to her to start a small scale business. She wants to start a business of baking cakes and some vegetables.
Olushola: Chris I respect her as well and I will be praying for you and your family.
Chrisford: Please do so I am in need of your prayers yet my wife is a hard worker and a prayer warrior
Olushola: What did she think about you when she first met you?
Chrisford: She was so excited
Olushola: What made her so excited?
Chrisford: She got a man of her choice
Olushola: What is your profession?
Chrisford: I am just an artist and rely upon the sales of my paintings.  Apart from that I don’t do anything here in Malawi for life is so hard with a family like mine.
Olushola: So, tell me what is your disability?
Chrisford: Both hands and legs are dead so they don’t function and I depend upon my wife for everything like toilet, bathing, etc…
Olushola: She is a blessing. God will reward her. God is using you with your disability as well. May I ask how did you become disabled?
Chrisford: It was polio epidemic, I got paralyzed in 1982 when I was 11 years old.
Olushola: I can relate to that as well because when I was a small girl I had a touch of polio as well. How did you become interested in art?
Chrisford: After I completed my secondary school of education is when the interest of becoming an artist started. I was thirteen years old. There was not any work I could do with the type of disability I have. I had the talent before but nobody showed me how to paint. It’s just my inborn talent.
Olushola: So, what gave you the idea to start painting with your mouth?
Chrisford: Because my mouth was the only organ which was functioning in the whole body.
Olushola: You are a fighter and I admire you for that. There are people who are not disable around the world and have not accomplished what you have. What is the key factor towards your success and determination?
Chrisford: Not me, but God himself because on my own I can’t do anything.
Olushola: You are right with God we can do ANYTHING, but without HIM we are NOTHING.
Chrisford: Indeed there are so many people in the world the secret is hard work and don’t undermine yourself on everything.
Olushola : Even when the struggle and the battle becomes difficult we can’t give up we must look at the solution which is Jesus and not the problem. So, when you meet people, what do they say when they see yo painting with your mouth?
Chrisford: They get amazed so much.
Olushola: Well, it’s not everyday you see someone painting with their mouth. So, how long did it take you to learn this skill before mastering it to perfection?
Chrisford: About 3 years.   Chayera 528064_10150966279603722_2018078316_n
Olushola: Wow, that is determination. What lessons have you learned along the way?
Chrisford: I have learned quite a lot, you need to be a man of ambition.
Olushola: That’s so true if you want something in life you have to be determined and focused as you are doing.
Chrisford: You are right.
Olushola: Where can we purchase your paintings?
Chrisford: In the US there is a friend who assists me to sell my artworks and Facebook. I have a page titled “Chris Art” we can arrange and ship everything.
Olushola: What inspires you to paint various artwork?
Chrisford: It depends on what the customer is looking for.
Olushola: Did you have a role model when growing up? Who inspired you to draw?
Chrisford: No, I didn’t have a role model.
Olushola: Do you have a favorite artist?
Chrisford: Yes, I do but they are very few because each artist has his own style of art.
Olushola: Yes, you are right about that. Is there a certain drawing technique that you use?
Chrisford: No, I mostly use acrylic and oil on canvas.
Olushola: Okay, I understand. Do you have any advise for any young aspiring artist or children getting into the field of art that you are in? Chayera 524543_10151057972723722_1437388556_n
Chrisford: Art is a good career they can venture into it but it needs a lot of dedication and perseverance.
Olushola: Great advice. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to interview with you and again I apologize for taking so long I have really enjoyed this.


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Olushola Anyi is a contributing writer to Ujima Magazine. She will be sharing stories about people from around the world that are doing extraordinary things in their communities.

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