Gabriel George, Sickle Cell

Thriving With Sickle Cell

Gabriel George, Sickle CellMeeting Gabriel George was one of the great highlights for Ujima Magazine.   In 2009 he was the National Poster child for Sickle Cell.  When we met this awesome young fellow he had been to the White House to meet President Obama in the Oval Office along with his mother.
Today Gabriel is a an 11th grader at a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math school (STEM).  He is planning on becoming a psychologist.  He has been pretty healthy but did have a week long stay in the hospital in April.  He stays on a healthy diet, gets adequate rest and tries to live a stress free life.  Gabriel wants to encourage everyone to do the same.
His motto is “Hakuna Matata , No Worries”.
Ujima knows Gabriel will always have continuous success in his studies as well as his health.
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Mary Linnen
Ujima Magazine

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