Have You Heard? We Don’t Ride Llamas!

I was invited to a back to school bash that was presented by the River City Youth Foundation. It was a great time for parents and children to socialize and learn about services available to the community. I was especially excited to hear a young family band of siblings.

Millennial  siblings, Chase (big brother and oldest at 17) and sisters, Max  (15),  Blake  (13),  and  Kit  Mitchell   (9),  make  up  the  Austin  home  grown  band,  We  Don’t  Ride  Llamas  (WDRL).   Avid  readers, self  professed nerds,  lovers  of  sci-­fi,  fashion,  and  nearly  every  musical  genre  from  punk  to  funk,  the  members  of  WDRL   cannot   resist   any   good   story   well   told,   especially   those   set   to   an   engaging   melody.     Having   coined   the   term   ‘shillelagh  music’   to   describe   the   variety   of   musical   genres   they   embrace,   WDRL   sings   covers   originated  by   some   of   their   favorite   musicians,   ranging   from   Icelandic   born   Of   Monsters   and   Men   to   legendary   American   great,   Stevie   Wonder.     While   collaborating   to   create   their   own   original   pieces,   the   quartet   finds   a   great   deal   of   their   inspiration   from   the   careers   and   projects   of   seasoned   performers   Andra  Day  and  Lenny  Kravitz,  with  whom  they  aspire  to  one  day  go  on  tour.

WDRL Photo

The Mitchell kids’ band name is a nod to Christopher Yee and Jessica Gonzales, the band directors at Four Points Middle School where three of the four members of WDRL attended before transferring to a local charter school.  Upon entering the FPMS band hall, the average visitor immediately notices the plethora of toy stuffed llamas, gracing nearly every flat surface in the room.  But if one dares to ask, “What’s with all the llamas?” the immediate and persistent response is, “What llamas? We don’t see any llamas.” >wink!< >wink!<.

Mitchell Stage IMG_0811

When coming up with a band name, the Mitchell kids determined that many of their favorite bands had memorable names that ran five or more syllables long, including but not limited to: Of Monsters and Men, The Doobie Brothers, Everything But the Girl, Blink 182, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Two Door Cinema Club.  Keeping with the 5-syllable-minimum-rule and wanting to incorporate llamas, it was only a matter of time before We Don’t Ride Llamas was offered up and accepted. Runners up were Set Phasers to Stun and Blind and Crying Drunks. Parents, Mykel and Sheeri, would have accepted the former, but were prepared to veto the latter.

For bookings, contact Mykel Mitchell at 951.990.3061 or at mykeltorch@gmail.com.

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Content Courtesy of Sheeri Mitchell

Damita Miller-Shanklin

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