NEW PUBLICATION- Terminologia de Relacion by Dr. Anthony Johnson

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People who have known me for a long time realize my focus is on promoting and elevating others which leads to the establishment of a legacy. Indeed life continues to be interesting as I have been afforded several opportunities to assist many global populations. Many encounters involved Spanish speaking persons from the South American region who encouraged me to publish a work in Spanish so that the lives of those who speak Spanish can be empowered for generations to come. The time has come with my latest life journal publication, Terminologia de Relacion. The publication is even more special as a collaboration with my daughter Candice Johnson, who is degreed in Spanish.

It has been stated by many that everyone has a life story. I realize the stories center on our connection to all people, their culture, and their experiences which impact life for all. It is evident that our connection with others is both domestic and international which highlights a world which is filled with enormous human capacity. I have a deep desire for everyone to embrace her or his capacity to be all one can be for the betterment of all humankind. It is time for our life stories to expand to unveil the richness we share with all. Therefore, I encourage everyone to acquire a copy for all you know who speak Spanish both individuals and organizations that serve and assist Spanish speaking populations. Remember the focus is on Legacy which evolves through outreach to all people… Dr AJohnson(2)

You can acquire a copy of Terminologia de Relacion online at or


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