Publisher’s Note

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Hey Everyone, I hope your new year is going well thus far. January has moved on and we are now in February which is stacking up to be a very busy month for events, awards and fun Austin activity.

We are excited to celebrate Black History Month. Austin has a lot of history to celebrate. History that is not to be forgotten.

UJIMA will be remembering Clarksville. We will take a look at the past and the present. Clarksville played a big part in the growth of Austin.

We also want to discuss what Black History means to you? We encourage our readers to go to our Facebook Fan page and let us know. cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-orange-ujima-logo-index1.jpg
When I think of Black History month, the words that come to my mind is freedom, legacy, rights and equality. Black History reminds me it was a fight to get where we are, but we still have a long fight ahead. With the world changing everyday, as a Black person, I have to find my way and make sure I keep my freedom by remembering the people who gave their life and fought hard so I can have the life I have today.

This month is also American Heart Month and Teen Dating Violence month. We will share some tips regarding caring for your heart. There will also be information and things to look for if your teen may be experiencing dating violence. And you can’t forget the day of love Valentines Day. Feb images

February will be about history and how we remember our history.

Have a great February and do something nice for someone else.

Embrace Your Community

Damita Miller-Shanklin

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