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Orange Flower IMG_1591March has arrived and I hope you are enjoying the cool weather because you know it will be getting much warmer soon. Austin will be bustling with SXSW participants, festivals and all the fun things Austin does around this time.

This month Ujima will focus on business trends, networking tips and tools every entrepreneur can use. If you are in business you are most likely ending your first quarter. You will be evaluating and looking to make improvements or continue the course.

Ujima’s first quarter has been good. We launched the Community Spotlight and Networking event. We will have this meeting every month on the last Wednesday of the month. Look for information on our website and various social media outlets.

CSN IMG_1727

As you look at the next quarter I hope your business prospers and thrives. Have a great month.

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Embrace Your Community

Damita Miller-Shanklin

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