5 Things We Have Learned On Our Business Journey

How often do you reflect on your dream? This can be business or your personal life. Reflection has become important for us to stay focus and evaluate where we are in response to growth, our mission and goal setting for the next quarter.

Ujima has been reflecting on our progress and this is what we learned last month.


1- Sacrifice for the larger goal has to be done. This can be many things but giving up your dream is not an option. You may find your dream has to be re-created or re-branded by you. If you feel stuck reach out to other business owners for support or just someone who can listen. You have to get it out of your head.


2- You have to look at the moving parts in your business and focus on what you do well while developing your plan for what needs to be done in other areas. But show your best area and make it the catalyst to reach other goals.


3- Everyone you speak with will not understand your strategy or why you keep going. That’s okay they don’t have to understand because it’s your dream. Don’t allow the negative vibes get into your success space. Stay focus.


4. After 8 years we are still passionate about telling stories of people in our community, talking about successful and positive Black people, living our dream as a entrepreneur no matter what path you have to take to keep your dream front and center in your life. We are on a great journey.


5- Making your dream financially sound may require different routes but you have to take control and not depend on others.


What have you learned about your dream as you reflect?


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Photo: Google Atlanta Black Star


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2 thoughts on “5 Things We Have Learned On Our Business Journey

  1. Thank you for this incentive to take a realistic look at and re-evaluate our dreams. If necessary rebrand my dream/vision. It is necessary to see what works and where you have a challenge. It will strengthen you and your business.

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