Updated COVID-19 Order For Travis County

Revised Orders are extended through December 15, 2020 to reduce the possibility of exposure to #COVID19.

Information Provided by Austin Public Health


Photo by: Vera Davidov

On August 14, 2020, the City of Austin and Travis County took steps to prevent further spread of COVID-19 by extending the Stay Home, Mask and Otherwise Be Safe Order through December 15.

Austin’s new Order extends existing requirements for face coverings, social distancing and limiting gatherings.

2. It also extends development application deadlines to March 15, 2021 and changes nursing home standards to comply with new state guidelines allowing for some visitation.

3. Lastly, the Austin order stipulates that each school that offers instruction to students in one or more grades, pre-kindergarten through grade 12, must follow the phased-in approach unless it will result in a loss of funding from the Texas Education Agency.

Both the Austin and Travis County Orders be found on the Austin-Travis County COVID-19 Orders and Rules page.

This is just a friendly reminder that we do need to wear our mask, wash our hands, and practice social distancing consistently. Make sure you keep up with all the changes by visiting Austin Public Health.

Damita Miller-Shanklin

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