Edie Phillips

The Housing War and How It Impacts our Black Community Damita Miller-Shanklin Edie Phillips is a Licensed Real Estate Professional. Her career path into Real Estate has been a good one. Phillips came to Austin to attend St. Edwards University. This was a happy medium for her mother as to what college she would attend. Her mother felt SMU in Dallas was too far. Phillps … Continue reading Edie Phillips

March Feature: Dr. Monica “Moe” Anderson

A Speaker, Author, and Advocate My Life Is My Testimony Damita Miller-Shanklin I caught up with Dr. Monica “Moe” Anderson to discuss her business and empower others to be their best every day. I enjoyed our conversation because she is a fun person to talk with, especially about her business and what she does. Anderson is a Dentist, Author, Speaker, and Advocate.  The business that … Continue reading March Feature: Dr. Monica “Moe” Anderson

There Will Be A Celebration of Juneteenth in Austin, Texas!!

There was a question as to whether Austin would have a Juneteenth celebration. We got the word May 28, there would be a celebration in Austin, Texas. The DJ Teddy Bear, who is a member of the Juneteenth committee, explained the celebration will take place on June 19 from 10am to 10pm at Rosewood Park located at 2300 Rosewood Avenue. If you are interested in … Continue reading There Will Be A Celebration of Juneteenth in Austin, Texas!!