Are You Preparing for the Affordable Healthcare Act?

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Healthcare is something we all need.  When I decided to leave my job, I knew I would not have healthcare so I  take good care of myself and hope for the best.

I now have the opportunity to be a recipient of healthcare, with the Affordable Healthcare Act,  and it is so much  information to figure out. I am glad to get insurance because I pay full price for my medical visits that run from $58.00 to $200.00. This does not include lab fees. My prescriptions run me $31.00 per month. But I ensure I buy over the counter meds as much as I can to help curb the cost.

The Metropolitan Breakfast Club recently had a speaker, Misty Baker,  who spoke to us about getting ourselves ready as employers and as individuals. This past Sunday, The Austin American Statesman ran a great story about Health Care In-Depth entitled “As Oct 1. Nears, New Law Baffles.” It was written by Laylan Copelin

Austin American Statesman

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