Are You Preparing for the Affordable Healthcare Act?

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Healthcare is something we all need.  When I decided to leave my job, I knew I would not have healthcare so I  take good care of myself and hope for the best.

I now have the opportunity to be a recipient of healthcare, with the Affordable Healthcare Act,  and it is so much  information to figure out. I am glad to get insurance because I pay full price for my medical visits that run from $58.00 to $200.00. This does not include lab fees. My prescriptions run me $31.00 per month. But I ensure I buy over the counter meds as much as I can to help curb the cost.

The Metropolitan Breakfast Club recently had a speaker, Misty Baker,  who spoke to us about getting ourselves ready as employers and as individuals. This past Sunday, The Austin American Statesman ran a great story about Health Care In-Depth entitled “As Oct 1. Nears, New Law Baffles.” It was written by Laylan Copelin

Austin American Statesman

I wanted to share just a few items that employers should be aware of right now.
1. Oct 1-All Employers have to notify employees of the Affordable Healthcare Act.
2. Employers with 50 employees or less or not required to provide health insurance but employers with 50 or more will have to provide healthcare benefits or face penalties.
3. There will be health benefits that are required which are ambulatory patient services, hospitalization, prescription drug services, just to name a few.

For individuals, seek assistance from a independent insurance agent to assist with navigating your eligible benefits. All individuals will be guaranteed health insurance and subsidies will be available for those who quality.

Please note that the information about this healthcare act changes daily. Another website you may access to stay up to date is

How will the Affordable Healthcare Act impact your life? Let me know by completing the contact form below. Subscribe to our blog as well.

Damita Miller-Shanklin, Founder/Publisher of Ujima Magazine and Host of Ujima TV.

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