The Bird

Written by Eliza Edwards heal rest be stilldon’t just move onlistenpurpose to listenhear with your heartrest wait it will comedo not fearam i in the right placethe right place is in youlistenthe bird flew awayafter many minutes it’s time to restyou’ve been toldyou’ve been shownheal listen restdig deep into meditationlet go of the distractionsfoolish information is a robberrun fast from that which leaves youemptylisten with … Continue reading The Bird

She Speaks Wellness: Reclaimed Sisterhood

Eight African American Women clergy and leaders gathered for the She Speaks Hope Retreat at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and were greeted by Rev. Dr. Margaret Aymer, the first African American Woman Dean in the history of the seminary. I am amazed because we were the first African American women’s group. This Spirit-led retreat demonstrated powerful moments of sisterhood.  As women leaders, where do … Continue reading She Speaks Wellness: Reclaimed Sisterhood

More Than A Culture

by Jacquie Johnson, founder of Jacquie ooh The importance of Black people and our communities cannot be underestimated, due to our numerous contributions to our current society; from beauty to entertainment, to business, to leadership, and even politics. We can see Black excellence all around us. We do believe that all communities can learn from each other, however, the strength and generational bond that is … Continue reading More Than A Culture

She Speaks Wellness

By Minister Sonya Hosey There is continuing to be an exchange of views about faith, the black community, and mental well being. Some in the faith community ask why we only talk about African Americans when the church should focus on all people? I agree. We are all citizens of the Kingdom of God, and believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ as the Son … Continue reading She Speaks Wellness

February Issue: Jasmine Paul: Generational Wealth Starts With You

Ujima Magazine’s February issue is about legacy and generational wealth. We are celebrating Black History month as well. What are we teaching our next generation about how to save and invest for your future and your children’s future. Leaving a legacy does not always mean monetary and our feature, Jasmine Paul, discusses how she teaches our future generation about budgeting and understanding money. Jasmine Paul … Continue reading February Issue: Jasmine Paul: Generational Wealth Starts With You