[March Issue] Our Education. Our History. We Can Not Be Erased.

The March issue of Ujima is about ensuring we understand the world around us is trying to push our history out of society. We have to ensure we are not erased from the history books and we continue to be recognized and we receive equality and justice. Ms. Olyvia Green, a Educator, gives her opinion about education today and what needs to happen for our … Continue reading [March Issue] Our Education. Our History. We Can Not Be Erased.

She Speaks Wellness

By Minister Sonya Hosey There is continuing to be an exchange of views about faith, the black community, and mental well being. Some in the faith community ask why we only talk about African Americans when the church should focus on all people? I agree. We are all citizens of the Kingdom of God, and believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ as the Son … Continue reading She Speaks Wellness

Jasmine Paul: Generational Wealth Starts With You

Damita Miller-Shanklin When I think about growing up I didn’t have anyone to tell me about money management,how to use money or to save money. How was financial literacy presented to Paul at a young age? Her home was like most family homes. Her parents are immigrants who migrated to this country and she was taught money does not grow on trees. You have to … Continue reading Jasmine Paul: Generational Wealth Starts With You

Ebonie Trice: Mission Accomplished

by Damita Miller-Shanklin This issue is our final issue of the year 2022. This November/December issue is about the Act of Kindness and looking ahead to 2023. Ujima introduces you to Ebonie Trice. Her story is a genuine act of kindness and she talks about her mission to assist the homeless population in Austin and what she is doing to solve the most needed service … Continue reading Ebonie Trice: Mission Accomplished

Meet Author Aaris Epps

Damita Miller-Shanklin Reading should start early. Growing up my mom read to me every night. She did not like Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss because I would ask her to read it almost every night. This is a fond memory for me.  This is where Author Aaris Epps enters the story.  Since she was a kid, she has always been a big reader, … Continue reading Meet Author Aaris Epps