She Speaks Wellness: Reclaimed Sisterhood

Eight African American Women clergy and leaders gathered for the She Speaks Hope Retreat at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and were greeted by Rev. Dr. Margaret Aymer, the first African American Woman Dean in the history of the seminary. I am amazed because we were the first African American women’s group. This Spirit-led retreat demonstrated powerful moments of sisterhood.  As women leaders, where do … Continue reading She Speaks Wellness: Reclaimed Sisterhood

More Than A Culture

by Jacquie Johnson, founder of Jacquie ooh The importance of Black people and our communities cannot be underestimated, due to our numerous contributions to our current society; from beauty to entertainment, to business, to leadership, and even politics. We can see Black excellence all around us. We do believe that all communities can learn from each other, however, the strength and generational bond that is … Continue reading More Than A Culture

March Feature: The Importance of Our Education and History

By Damita Miller-Shanklin You may remember Ms. Olyvia Green from our issue back in 2018. She was the first Black teacher at Pease Elementary. I reached out to her again because she is an Educator and I wanted to get her opinion about the school related issues in our country and black communities related to book bans, erasing of our history and more. I have … Continue reading March Feature: The Importance of Our Education and History

[March Issue] Our Education. Our History. We Can Not Be Erased.

The March issue of Ujima is about ensuring we understand the world around us is trying to push our history out of society. We have to ensure we are not erased from the history books and we continue to be recognized and we receive equality and justice. Ms. Olyvia Green, a Educator, gives her opinion about education today and what needs to happen for our … Continue reading [March Issue] Our Education. Our History. We Can Not Be Erased.

What Will They Remember?

Mary Linnen, Editor Active Living Being that it’s Black History Month a lot of people are talking about the legacy and the advice they want to leave to their children and grandchildren.  I try to share this on a regular basis. Having a relationship with your grandchildren starts when they are little babies. When you use the word legacy, most people relate that to houses, … Continue reading What Will They Remember?