Are you enjoying the last of summer?

Hey Everyone! I hope your summer is great. It is almost time to head back to school for children and parents. Getting back into that grind can be hard for some. We hope you are enjoying your last days with fun. We, at Ujima, are having a great summer despite the heat. Have you handled the heat well? We have stayed hydrated, and indoors during … Continue reading Are you enjoying the last of summer?

[New Post] Publisher’s Note

I’m ready for Spring and I hope you are as well. I love colorful flowers, especially Sunflowers, because they make me smile and feel good. I hope your March will be full of color and joy. The city is buzzing and there will be a lot to enjoy. Get out and live life. Ujima is transitioning into Spring! @meintheatx, #ujimamagazine, #paigeturna, #spring, #livelife, #colorfulflowers, #happiness … Continue reading [New Post] Publisher’s Note