Building a Business: Ujima Magazine

If you have followed Ujima Magazine the last three years, you know we have been growing in small increments. We continue to grow,  but I would love to make a big leap and have Ujima Magazine on the map!  But we all know it does not work like that.  Everyday, I work  with the  goals of making my business successful, while reaching new readers and be as consistent as I can be. This is not a easy task, even though it may sound easy.

Someone recently ask me how was Ujima? I said we are doing fine, moving right along. The person then said, “Ujima is growing right?” I responded yes, but could not really pin point where the growth has occurred. I thought to myself later, I can’t see growth because I am in the midst of it. Does this ever happen to you? You can’t see a situation because you are in the middle of it. But I can’t step away, I have to continue to plug along and make my dream for Ujima come true. I want so much for my business just as all entrepreneurs do when building a business.

As a entrepreneur I realize the following things about myself

1. I  have to be fearless and dedicated

2. I  have to be flexible

3. I  have to be determined

4. I have to believe in myself when no one else does

5. I can cry for 5 minutes then I got to get back to work.

I will be sharing more of my journey as I build Ujima Magazine. I would love to hear about your business building journey.


Damita Miller-Shanklin

Founder/Publisher of Ujima Magazine


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