Oh No! I Can’t be Sick!

Photo By Veronica Wells

The other day I was not feeling well. My allergies were killing me and I just didn’t feel like writing or thinking about anything. But something kept gnawing at me. I kept hearing  “You can’t be sick.” I then realize because the business is me and I make it all happen, I could not lay down, curl up and just allow myself to sniffle, sneeze and put Mentholatum all over my nose so I could breath, because shh, I could not be sick.

I then started wondering how do other entrepreneurs handle being sick? I know the easy solution would be just stop what you are doing and be in the moment of your sickness. But it was not that easy for me. I had appointments, stories to write and meetings to handle. I could not just stop, my mind would not allow it. So I took my sniffles with me and I kept my schedule. In my research I found a good article that gave me some good tips that I would like to share.

I found the article to be comforting in knowing as a solo entrepreneur I can take a break for illness as I see fit without the guilt. I did take the next day to relax and treat my allergies without feeling anxious. Moxie Real Life Marketing shares some good points about how to be sick. I felt so much better after reading the tips.

Solo Entrepreneurs Handle Being Sick

This is just another lesson I have learned through my journey as a entrepreneur. I can guarantee this will not be the last situation that will make me stop and think about what I should do, but I realized I will have to take care of myself because if I am not healthy and able to give my all, the Ujima Magazine brand will disappear.

How do you handle being sick when your company depends on you being present?

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