Austin Company Chosen to Design Funeral Program for Lady Inez Andrews!


Graphic Design/  KRL Productions
Graphic Design/ KRL Productions

By Naomi Logan Richard

Keemon Leonard, President and CEO of KRL Media & Management, was selected as the Graphic Artist to design the homegoing service program cover of gospel great, Lady Inez Andrews.  Inez Andrews was a pillar of gospel music, and passed away Wednesday at her home in Chicago.  She was 83.

Leonard is an industry executive with years of experience in artist management, graphic design, media relations and he is an album cover design wizard.

This year alone, he has worked on projects with Tyscot Records, Light Records, Kingdom Records and BrownTown Music.  These collaborations led Leonard to produce work for gospel recording artists such as Anthony Brown, Damita Haddon, Deitrick Haddon, The Rance Allen Group, Ricky Dillard, Shekinah Glory Ministry, Zacardi Cortez and Jonathan McReynolds.

Graphic Design/ KRL Productions
Graphic Design/ KRL Productions

Three of the projects, Anthony Brown, Shekinah Glory Ministry and Jonathan McReynolds, were recognized in the iTunes 2012 Top Gospel Albums of the Year!

Look for Leonard in 2013 as he launches a new venture, KEEative Designs.  The KEEative subsidiary will become the sole Graphic Design division as Leonard experiences phenomenal growth and expansion!

Follow KRL Productions on Twitter or on Instagram at

In 2013 check out WWW.KEEATIVE.COM.

Graphic Design/ KRL Productions
Graphic Design/ KRL Productions



Naomi Logan Richard
Naomi Logan Richard



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