Catherine Brewton, BMI Vice President, Del Bryant, BMI President & CEO, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon
Catherine Brewton, BMI Vice President, Del Bryant, BMI President & CEO, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon


By Naomi Logan Richard

PARLIN, N.J., Jan. 2, 2013 Christian Newswire — It takes more than soul-stirring songs from today’s leading artists to carry the music and message of the Gospel to the masses, so a new Stellar Awards weekend event is casting a long overdue light on exceptional women who are un-sung heroes in the Gospel Music industry.

On Saturday, January 19, 2013, at 9:00 a.m., SistaFriendz will hold its 1st Annual SistaFriendz Stellar Women of Gospel  Awards. This invitation only event will take place at the legendary Gaylord Springs Clubhouse and Pavilion in Nashville, Tennessee. Hosted by Toya Beasley, media personality, consultant and CEO of SistaFriendz, this unique event celebrates the contributions of female professionals who work “behind-the-scenes” for the benefit of Gospel Music artists and the industry as a whole.

“While Gospel artists enjoy incredible exposure and success, there is a side of the music industry that fans rarely see — the many people in executive, decision-making and critical support roles who help make it all possible,” explains Ms. Beasley. “Many people don’t realize that it takes dozens of professionals to put just one album in the hands of a consumer; we are excited to acknowledge and celebrate the women who may be out of public view but work tirelessly nonetheless to help artists bring Gospel Music to the world.”

The inaugural SistaFriendz Stellar Women of Gospel honorees are: Catherine Brewton, BMI Vice President of Writer/Publisher Relations; Dianna Hobbs, President and CEO of EEW Magazine; Jojo Pada, Founder and President, IGNITION PR; Melanie Pratt, Radio Personality & Founder and CEO,; Demetrus Stewart, Consultant to PureSprings Gospel; and Treiva Williams, CEO, Right Hand Elite, Inc. & Executive Administrator, A Song for Mary Mary, Inc.

Attendance at the SistaFriendz Stellar Women of Gospel Awards is by invitation only. Corporate sponsorships are available. For more information on attending or sponsoring this event, send an email request to To learn more about the SistaFriendz organization and its programs, please visit



Naomi Logan Richard
Naomi Logan Richard


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