RISE: Creative Discovery

Photo Courtesy of www.Lifehacker.com.au
Photo Courtesy of http://www.Lifehacker.com.au


RISE Week 2013
May 13, 2013

When I decided to attend RISE this year I knew I had to schedule my time wisely. My first year, I went to at least three sessions per day. This year I did it differently.

I decided because I have to write the next issue of Ujima Magazine, I should attend one session per day. I have to admit I do not feel as pressured as before. I also remembered trying to get to one location to another, which causes me a lot of stress.

Today I attended I attended Creative Discovery with Elizabeth Decker. It was great. We sat down on pillows and rugs in a circle and discussed discovering our passions and reaching our goals. I think everyone discovered something and from the writing exercises I learned I need a quiet place just for myself. I am creating all the time with the magazine, but I need to have personal time to just relax and do creative things that make me happy like my recent Art Journaling. But again time plays a part in having that time for myself.

The other thing I really enjoyed about this session is Elizabeth took notes and really took time to get to know each one of us and she then honed in on what we needed assistance with. She would say, “we are here to help you.” It felt real and genuine. The group was small so it lent itself to this type of result.

I am looking forward to the rest of my sessions during RISE. I chose topics that would give me knowledge in areas of where my business is sitting at the moment. I love to learn in order to help me move my business ahead.
How did you choose your RISE schedule?

Damita Miller-Shanklin is the Publisher of Ujima Magazine and the Host of Ujima TV.

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