RISE: Instagram Fun While Learning

Photo Credit: www.wrightstrategies.com
Photo Credit: http://www.wrightstrategies.com



March 14

Ujima had fun learning today. We attended the session on learning all about Instagram. First of all, I have never been to Walton’s Fancy and Stable, which we understand is Sandra Bullock’s cafe. It was so lovely and the food looked scrumptious but we decided to come back for the food because we were too excited to eat! Joey McGirr taught the session and it was the way I wish I could learn a lot of things.

We started with making sure we all had our Instagram loaded to our phones or Ipads.  We had to change our handle name so it is now @ujimamagazine1 if you want to follow us. We learned some valuable lessons about how to use Instagram for business. But the fun came when they sent us all out into the streets to take photos and to learn the technical part of the application. We had so much fun. The group scattered around the area and using our knowledge uploaded our photos with a hashtag of #i4e for the group.

We took some cool photos, but anyone that hangs out with Ujima Magazine knows the publisher loves dogs and it was such a cute dog waiting patiently.  See how cute he is.  Thanks to Walton’s for hosting us and thanks to Joey McGirr for such a fun and innovative way to teach a concept!

Photo Credit: Ujima Magazine
Photo Credit: Ujima Magazine

What did you learn today from your session? Share with us, would love to hear from you.

Damita Miller-Shanklin is the Publisher of Ujima Magazine and the Host of Ujima TV.



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