Sherry Ransom, What Women Need To Know Tour


There comes a time in every woman’s life when enough is enough. It can be about career, finances, relationships, self-love, or even a lack of direction. One day, you find yourself asking – if not now, then when?”


African American women are natural caretakers. We spend our lives giving to our children, our jobs, our relationships and even sometimes our parents. But, when do we give to ourselves? We can give so much that instead of our cup running over, we find ourselves giving from an empty cup.”


These are reflections of the two Austin women who have planned and designed a national tour to challenge and change the lives of African American women in 15 cities over the next two years. Sherry Ransom and Kimberly Porter are co-founders of the Start Wherever You Are Tour whose tagline for the Tour, “Everything is Possible” sums up the beliefs they want to share with women everywhere.


 Austin is the launching pad for a national empowerment movement centered on the self-development and life expanding promise of African American women. On September 7th at the Norris Conference Center, six presenters from around the country will electrify the audience with topics designed for making life changes. Topics include:


“Divorce your Past; Marry your future – Rewrite Your Story and Transform Your Life”


“From Drastic to Fantastic – 7 Steps to Get Started Today”


“Why Your Net Worth will Never Exceed Your Self-Worth”


The mission of the Start Wherever You Are Tour is to empower women who are poised and ready for a change in thought, focus and action with tools and inspiration to call forth their power and direct it to create what truly matters in their lives. Other Tour stops include Beaumont, TX; Raleigh NC; Savannah, GA; and Pontiac, MI.


Women who attend will be given the tools and support to create and attract:


·      The perfect relationship


·      Freedom from the “I don’t have enough trap”


·      A clear path toward concrete goals and a phenomenal self




The City of Austin is proclaiming September 7th as “Start Wherever You Are Day.” It can also be the day for you and/or a loved one to start wherever you are to claim the future you want.  Are you ready for major leaps in emotional, financial, and spiritual abundance? Then, you are encouraged to join the nationwide movement known as The Start Wherever You Are Tour.


More information and tickets at


Join the conversation and the community at

Submitted by Sherry Ransom. Mrs. Ransom is a writer, speaker and teaches people their life purpose and possibilities. Visit her website at


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