Ujima Magazine Celebrates 8 Years!

Ujima Magazine is celebrating eight years of being a part of the Austin community. We have shared many stories about the everyday hero and we have much more to tell. We are so excited and grateful for the opportunity to be able to focus on the Black community and the great people that live and thrive in Austin. It is important for us to continue … Continue reading Ujima Magazine Celebrates 8 Years!

Cost-Cutting Ideas for Back To School Shopping

Getting ready for school can be challenging. It is more than getting the right clothes and shoes it includes getting the list of school supplies. When I attended school the list for school supplies were short. It consisted of spirals, number 2 pencils, black pens, Elmer’s glue, ruler and a protractor. This is all I remember. Simple right? Well now the list are a bit … Continue reading Cost-Cutting Ideas for Back To School Shopping

Are you enjoying the last of summer?

Hey Everyone! I hope your summer is great. It is almost time to head back to school for children and parents. Getting back into that grind can be hard for some. We hope you are enjoying your last days with fun. We, at Ujima, are having a great summer despite the heat. Have you handled the heat well? We have stayed hydrated, and indoors during … Continue reading Are you enjoying the last of summer?

Travis County saves taxpayer money with bond refinancing

To save Travis County taxpayer dollars and capitalize on historically low interest rates, Travis County refinanced bonds to provide more than $12 million in savings through fiscal year 2030.  Travis County is committed to effective, efficient and affordable local government, and achieving that goal requires thoughtful and well-timed financing. “I am thrilled that Travis County is meeting its affordability goals by increasing cost savings for … Continue reading Travis County saves taxpayer money with bond refinancing

Ujima Celebrating Juneteenth

The History of Juneteenth The history of June 19th, also known as,  Juneteenth, is important to remember as we gather to celebrate this coming weekend. Juneteenth is also called Emancipation Day and Freedom Day. The reason we celebrate is due to the last slaves being emancipated. The announcement that slavery had been abolished made it to Texas in June of 1865. President Abraham Lincoln issued … Continue reading Ujima Celebrating Juneteenth