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AzulTequila Locale

For a little change of pace this week, I wanted to try some South of the border cuisine…. But a little further South than you’re probably used to. I visited Azul Tequila, 4211 S Lamar Blvd A2 Austin, TX 78704, (512) 416-9667.

They serve authentic Mexican food with an Aztec influence… All I can say is I am now in love with Aztec cuisine. I tried the Nachos Tejanos for an appetizer and tried to save a little room for the Puerco Mestizo, which is Pork meat sauteed with chile ancho sauce or tomatillo sauce,with rice and beans… You talk about plenty of food for two meals….Whew!!!

Azul Tequila Mole
Azul Tequila Mole

The price tag for my entire adventure was around $22.00. The staff was friendly and very fun. Especially when I showed off my six words of Spanish.

So if you’re on the South side and want to try something outside the box, stop by Azul Tequila and tell ’em Austin Eats sent ya…

Azul Tequila Chille Relleno
Azul Tequila Chille Relleno
DJ Flexx, DJ with KAZI.FM 88.7, Foodie

Submitted by Foodie and DJ with KAZI.FM, Kevin, DJ Flexx, Fletcher

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