The Incredible You!

Shuronda Robinson
Shuronda Robinson

The Start Wherever Are Tour started in Austin on September 7, 2013 at the Norris Center. There were beautiful black women in the room, young, old, married and single. The youngest attendant was 13 years old.

The DJ rocked the house with music that moved all of us. As we clapped and swayed to the music, we uplifted the room with a positive spirit and energy that would not be broken throughout the whole day.

Shuronda Robinson of the Joyful Living Center started our morning out with  talking about the “Incredible You.” We need to dream our future and then take steps to make our dream come true.  We did an exercise where it was five years from now and we chose one goal area career, relationships, health, finances and spirituality. We spoke about how we were successful in the area chose.  I chose career. To speak out loud to another person really opened my eyes to what I really want my business to be in the future. Shuronda encouraged us to take risk and be open in order to reach our goals. She also recommended we commit to one or two actions we can take to reach our identified goal.

If you would like more information in visit or contact Shuronda Robinson at

The next post will be about Bringing A Bigger Bucket.

Damita Miller-Shanklin, Publisher of Ujima Magazine and Host of Ujima TV.


Did you attend the event? If so, what was your take away?



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