Saint James MBC Turns Pink for Breast Cancer


By Naomi Logan Richard

On Sunday, Saint James Missionary Baptist Church (MBC) held it’s 2nd Annual Pink Service in honor of Breast Cancer Month. The congregation was asked to wear pink to show their support for those diagnosed with breast cancer, to remember those who have lost their fight with the disease and to recognize the urgent need for a cure.

LaTanya Tatum, the event coordinator for Pink Services at African American churches, had this to say, “The Pink Services are designed to encourage black men and women to become proactive in their health. Black women are diagnosed with cancer at a lower rate, but they are dying at a higher rate than other ethnic groups. This means that by the time we are diagnosed, it’s too late.”

She continued, “Be your own advocate, be more proactive in going to the doctor, know the risks and maintain a healthy life style.”

It’s difficult to find a family untouched by cancer. Your health is very important and early detection is the key. Take time this season to visit your practitioner and get checked out.

Visit to learn more about the fight against breast cancer.

Naomi Logan Richard
Naomi Logan Richard

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