Technology Evangelist, Kai Dupé, to Keynote  5th Annual NBITLO National Conference

Kai Dupe
Kai Dupe

Are you an early career technology professional or a student studying an Information Technology or a STEM related discipline? Perhaps you are an Information Technology Manager, Technical Recruiter or Chief Information Officer. In either case, this conference was designed with you in mind. This signature event is designed
specifically with promoting the success of African Americans interested in excelling in technology leadership positions, advancing IT careers and creating mentor opportunities for them. NBITLO accomplishes this through promoting a distinctive atmosphere of networking, camaraderie, and mentor opportunities through this annual

Among the conference’s many goals, it was designed to increase the chances of networking and mentoring, as well as technology leadership by emphasizing the importance of early strategic planning, understanding the highly competitive nature of the technology industry, and stressing the importance of academic preparedness,
certification, and professional development. Overall, NBITLO seeks to dispel the many myths that STEM is “too hard” for African Americans and that Blacks just can’t be successful in technology careers. Another component of this conference is to inform technology professionals and future technology leaders about the academic rigors, demands, and expectations of STEM focused professional learning, and to impart strategies to help them
prepare for the challenging technology workforce experience prior to actually beginning their information technology careers.

The conference will connect technology students to real Black technology leaders and professionals who will share their real-life experiences and potentially serve as role models and mentors. Furthermore, it gives
participants the opportunity to fellowship and network with others with similar educational goals and professional aspirations in order to create effective support systems and accountability partnerships with
achievement-oriented peers. Make plans now to come out and be inspired, informed, and empowered to stake your claim in improving your technology career. High school students, college students, college graduates, working technology professionals, career changers, advisers, supporters, and recruiters
are encouraged to come out and take part in all that this conference has to offer. This is truly an unparalleled opportunity. Don’t miss out!  Events like this one don’t come along every day.

Register today while spaces are still available. Conference registration information can be found online by visiting:  or the website at


If you are planning to attend this conference let us know. Leave a comment below.


Submitted to Ujima Magazine by Kai Dupe.


Damita Miller-Shanklin, Publisher of Ujima Magazine, Host of Ujima TV and Ujima Magazine Blog Talk Radio Show.

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