Bring A Bigger Bucket!

Sharon Frame
Sharon Frame


Sharon Frame began her presentation at the Start Wherever You Are Tour from the back of the room. This event was held on September 7th. She worked herself to the stage singing “Que Sera, Sera”. Do you remember that song? I do. Doris Day sung it in a movie. By the time Ms. Frame reached the stage, we were all singing in unison.

The topic was Bring a Bigger Bucket! She discussed three steps we as women need to take to quench our thirst for our purpose, passion and profit.  They are:

1)    Say what you want. Doors open for people who knock. Create what you want. Start focusing on what you want and make it happen for yourself.

2)    What is your truth? Look within and study why you are not moving forward
and change it. Fill your glass first so you can serve others. Ask yourself what
is your truth  holding you back from following your passion and finding your
purpose in life.

3)   You have to take risk. Failure is only when you stop.  At some point, we all
have to “pivot”  in a 45 degree angle and walk in a new direction. We can no
longer go in the same direction in order to grow.

As you bring your bigger bucket, make sure you serve others. It is very important to give back and help others grow and reach their potential.

To contact Ms. Frame, she can be reached at and connect with her on Facebook at

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Damita Miller-Shanklin is the Publisher of Ujima Magazine and the Host of Ujima TV and Ujima Blogtalk Radio.

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